by Leif Erlingsson
October 27, 2003

My Personal Ideology

My first loyalty is to truth.  Truthseeking is what prompted me to listen to the Holy Spirit.  And to accept the Gospel.  The below are some thoughts that I jotted down on a piece of paper (actually on the back of a printout of this document: -- a document that goes a long way in explaining why America has no humility -- and why she thinks that it is the rest of the world that is lacking in this respect).

Ideology of American Empire

This is the subject of this page -- from a religious angle.

Religious Angle

    *    Maxwell -- war is wrong. [ Elder Russell M. Nelson's October 2002 "Blessed Are the Peacemakers" speech --,5232,23-1-315-13,00.html ]

    *    Prophet -- war is wrong, but OK to defend. [ President Gordon B. Hinckley's April 6, 2003 War and Peace speech at the Sunday Morning Session of the 173rd Annual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints --,5232,23-1-353-27,00.html ]

    *    The Religion of Americanism is not compatible with Christianity -- which may explain some believers strong feelings about not using religion to interpret "political" events.

The Religion of Americanism

The ideology of Americanism is not about political ideologies, it's not left, it's not right.  Indeed, it is espoused equally by both big political blocks in U.S. politics.

The ideology of Americanism isn't so much about politics as it is about religion.  It is a faith, The Religion of Americanism.  (Though some say it is simply Real Politics.)

Right & Wrong

Some things are so wrong that it is a sin not to oppose them.

How does Satan operate?  Does he respect our free will, or not?  The United States want's to "Save the World" whether we want to be saved or not -- quite irrespective of popular opinion in affected countries, as expressed through free, democratic elections.  ( See for example Deterring Democracy at .  And/or Year 501 at .  And/or Necessary Illusions at .  Also see Uncle Sam: Inoculating Southeast Asia at for historical perspective.  And finally, for how America was deceived, see Study: Wrong impressions helped support Iraq war at .  And of course It is a sin not to oppose it at and The Facts Are All Important -- Appeal For An Enlightened Public Opinion at . )

Who is it that force his will onto others, that doesn't respect the free will of mankind?

Now go and find out what is true, and be true!

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